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Unbiased Advice Backed by Over 30 Years of Experience

We have provided fee-only service since 2003, and we believe it’s the most unbiased form of financial advice. Because we don’t get paid on commission or sell any insurance or investment products, we have the ability to offer fair, knowledgeable assessments based on your particular financial situation. 

Mountain PEAK Wealth Advisors charges a fee for our Wealth Management services that are based upon the assets that are under management at the end of each quarter.  The fee is calculated using the following schedule:


First $500,000 – 1.25% per year.
Amounts above $500,000 -- $6,250 plus 1.00% per year on amounts above $500,000.
Amounts above $1,000,000 -- $11,250 plus 0.60% per year on amounts above $1,000,000.
Amounts above $2,500,000 -- $20,250 plus 0.40% per year on amounts above $2,500,000.
Accounts above $5,000,000 have negotiable fees. 

The minimum fee is $6,250 per year. The minimum portfolio size is $500,000.

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