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Mountain PEAK Wealth Advisors

Planning, Education, Advice, and Knowledge
to Reach Your Personal Summit

Objective Financial Planning Expertise

Mountain PEAK Wealth Advisors, LLC offers planning tools, education, advice, and knowledge to clients who are serious about accumulating wealth and planning for a fulfilling retirement. We provide assistance with cash flow management, estate planning, income tax planning, insurance planning, investment planning, and retirement planning.

Jeff Presley, our president and chief compliance officer, has been working in the financial services industry for 30 years and has been a fee-only advisor since 2003.

Why Mountain PEAK Wealth Advisors

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are solely committed to your long-term financial success. We take time to learn about you and then tailor a strategy that fits your unique situation. Our team of knowledgeable professionals take the headaches out of managing your finances, so you can focus on your priorities. After almost 30 years in the business, we know when your situation requires specialized attention. High net worth individuals often need additional measures to protect their assets, retiring business owners face complex tax situations, and blended families need intricate estate planning.  Mountain PEAK Wealth Advisors maintains strong relationships with professionals in insurance, estate planning, and many other fields to help cover every part of your financial well-being.

Who We Serve

Young Professionals

  • Advice on first-time purchases (cars, houses, etc.)
  • How to pay back student loans efficiently
  • How to budget your money
  • What long-term investment strategy is best for you

Mid-Career Professionals

  • What to do with a higher salary
  • How your portfolio should be allocated
  • How to save for your kids' college

Late-Career Professionals

  • How to protect your accumulated wealth
  • How to scale back your risk


  • How and when to claim Social Security benefits
  • How to plan your legacy
  • How to truly enjoy retirement

Get to Know Us